Typus Orbis Terrarum, Monath 1745 €550

Description: Worldmap
Size: 28 x 25 cm

Condition: Very good.

Period: ca. 1745
Price: € 550

Typus Orbis Terrarum

This very rare and elegant double-hemisphere map is surrounded by vignettes featuring female personifications of the four continents, with America and Europe at top, and Asia and Africa at bottom. There is a good amount of detail for such a small map, and geographic myths are evident throughout. The map shows the island of California and huge landmasses in both the north and south poles. The southern Terra Antarctica is partially connected to New Zealand, and the Salomon Islands are depicted due south of California. Australia and New Guinea are partially delineated and appear almost connected, while Tasmania stands alone far south of Australia. Interior detail is limited to rivers, lakes and a few place names, with Nova Mexico, Florida, Virginia and Canada appearing in North America. In Asia, the Great Wall of China is prominently shown, and the legendary Lake Chiamay appears with four rivers flowing south. The composition is completed with a stone plinth bearing the imprint, a terrestrial globe, and a drape-style title cartouche.